This Sudbury, Ont. man turns to earthworms for his composting enterprise

5 years in the past Matthew Graveline would have been shocked to be taught he would at some point have a big shed with 75 giant containers crammed with 1000’s of earthworms.

Quick-forward to 2023 and he owns an organization in Sudbury, Ont., referred to as Ormuir Organics that provides compost comprised of worm castings, or waste, to farmers and gardeners.

It began when he accepted a job as a STEM specialist at Science North to launch a program on vermicomposting — which is processing natural waste with earthworms.

“I used to be offered that task and I used to be very reluctant,” Graveline stated.

A man holding a red coffee container with compost in it.
Matthew Graveline reuses containers like this one for floor espresso when he delivers his compost to clients. (Markus Schwabe/CBC)

Regardless of his preliminary reservations, Graveline stated he fell in love with the method.

“To go from simply your form of scraps into this unbelievable like black soil-looking compost…Yeah, I used to be hooked,” he stated.

After he had this system up and working a buddy, who occurred to be a neighborhood farmer, stated he ought to begin his personal enterprise making compost.

Since he already constructed the experience together with his job at Science North it appeared like a pure match.

Graveline constructed his shed and bought the worms he would want to get began.

He partnered with native eating places, together with Knowhere Public Home, to produce him with the natural scraps he would want to feed his 1000’s of earthworms.

Graveline stated he upcycles all of his containers to scale back his enterprise’ environmental influence, and likewise makes positive to maintain pure bits like twigs in his compost.

“All these native supplies infuse the compost with the helpful microbes which are present in our soils by means of Sudbury and the north,” he stated.

Graveline will share what he is discovered about composting with worms on the Farm to Fork occasion in Powassan, Ont., on Saturday.

Morning North9:05Sudbury man is utilizing tens of 1000’s of worms to make compost and he is turned it right into a enterprise

Matthew Graveline has a brand new vermicomposting enterprise. It is referred to as Ormiur Organics. He makes use of worms to show natural waste into compost… which he sells. He joined us in studio to speak about how he acquired began and the compost he and his worms produce.